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To get dissed, stood up, ignored or not in the loop. Named after the shipping company notorious for their poor service.
Dude, that girl totally DHL-ed me last night, and I was standing there waiting around for nothing. I don't even know what I did wrong.
by Pogue2012 June 13, 2008
34 8
After the shipping company, it stands for "Delivered Here Late" due to DHL's notorious shipping service.
"Sam, you freaking idiot! I can't believe you didn't overnight that. Now it's gonna be DHL-ed.."
by Poe Boy March 02, 2008
46 19
Drivers Hopelessly Lost
Person A: Did you get that package yet?
Person B: No, I used DHL.
by jbkurz December 14, 2010
26 7
DHL Worldwide Express.

Some people claim that the letters in this stand for Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn (the founders) but in reality it stands for Deliverin' Hawt Loot.
John: Shit man. I gotz a package from DHL Worldwide Express. Themz niggaz sho' deliva some hawt loot.
Eric: Ummm....dude...you're white.
by Nick February 21, 2005
37 23
( official party pooper)
some who poops there pants at the age of 12 and above
man that DHL just pooped himself
by sir-sexy-guy June 01, 2009
4 11
is defined as dick hung low for a guy and dyke hung low for a butch.
For instance, a guy could walk up to a girl with a DSL and say, "I have a DHL". Or better yet, a lot of girls out there would like a DHL now and again.
by Yukonder July 18, 2006
4 24