Leading a life of simply not giving a fuck. Involves much cell phone usage, Kottonmouth King listening, weed smoking, surplus eating and drinking, pick-up driving, SRH wearing activites. Although, thankfully all are not necessary.

Those leading this lifestyle should do so in steps:
1. You probably should never have a list like this around.
2. Be ready to consume, whether its cigarettes, food, illegal substances, alcohol, or green eggs & ham. Prepare yourself for gluttoness behavior.
3. Don't bother carrying these previous mentioned items around, they will be provided to you.
4. Number 3 results due to the kindness of others. Its the truth and will occur to you if you choose the path of DGAF.
5. Don't do anything for yourself! Are you crazy? Make others do desired tasks for you.
6. Don't do anything about problems you might experience on this grand journey. Let it flow...purely, DGAF.
Trish, Ashley, and Jasmine don't screw around. They are living the DGAF Lifestyle, don't mess with them. They will call on people to tie up your whole family.
by ashleyblondebomber February 13, 2009

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