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It stands for 'Down For Life' wich means that people should be loyal to their friends and family, 'cause they're the only ones to back you up. There is BIOHAZARD fanclub called Down For Life (DFL). It unites the most hardcore Biofans(called DFLers) around the world.
-Need your help, dude!?
-Sure, bro...DFL!!
by biomax January 26, 2011
35 108
dead fuckin last. as in a sporting event or race. or anything else you can get last in.
Frank just got a DFL at the race.
by francisco December 08, 2003
2167 962
DUMB FUCKING LIBERAL, the official name of the Minnesota Democratic party
Hubert H. "Humpty Dumpty" Humphrey founded the DFL.
by andy1 March 05, 2005
421 351
Dunce For Life --> A title given anyone that makes so many repetitive mistakes that they should just give up on life, sit in the corner, and wear the hat.
1: so how about that chick last night?
2: total dfl, but i had her yelling omg all night!!
by DerAffenkoenig March 11, 2010
405 373
Dying From Laughter
Jim- "I slipped on a banana peel!"
Kim- "Hahahahhaha"
Joe- "DFL!"
by Aubreyah Mischella August 20, 2011
113 171
Druggy For Life.Druggy For Life.Druggy For Life.Druggy For Life.Druggy For Life.Druggy For Life.Druggy For Life.Druggy For Life.Druggy For Life.Druggy For Life.
DFL, AULO <3 Logan and Audrey are the DFL leaders.DFL is an acronym according to Adam.
by Aulo June 17, 2008
6 77
DFL- disney for life. Disney cast members who dedicate there lives to work for disney at minimal wages.
Working at disney gives you unlimited access to the parks. If your not DFL you would have to buy a season pass with the double or triple money you would make at a real job.
by TWVF December 15, 2011
46 118
Dumb Fucking Look. This is the look you expect to see from a complete and totally clueless dumbass. You know, when they should be listening to you and they staring with a stupid, lost glare. This is often accompanied with mouth open. It is the expression of a young, stupid slackjaw who has just seen boobies for his first time.
I explained the whole problem to my boss and asked him what he wanted me to do. He just sat and gave me the DFL.

When the cops told Brittany Spears to put her kid in a seatbelt instead of riding with it on her lap she gave them the DFL.
by btodd April 17, 2008
6 78