meaning not real, or not what was expected upon purchase, something that does not work
man, i just paid twenty bucks for that weed, i didn't get high, that shit was des
by stainbrain July 13, 2009
"Des" is a term that is used when someone is just plain old gay or trying to hard......whatever he or she is doing its just making them look pathetic and well, gay. People who are doin it, dessin it should be spotted quickly. Other words or phrases used for Des are, Doin it, Dudey, dessin, Do its.
"Man that guy with the Nintendo t shirt and glasses is doin it"

"Dude your dessin it with that pimp game of yours"

"That guy des"
by Sam Zamir February 27, 2008
This is the act of putting baking soda in your ass crack, and then proceeding to pour vinegar into your baking soda'd butthole.
If mixed with a well-timed fart, this can be a pretty funny thing to see.
by gin March 15, 2005
hes a chipmunk from ipswich, suffolk, england
by kirsty p May 02, 2003
The Act of giving physical love is an unnatural way!
BRA, you know that nikki girl we met at that party well...des...all the way!
by Troy May 03, 2003
Nicole loves him(me a little)!!!
by Anonymous March 03, 2003

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