Shortened form of 'designated driver'
A person in a group of mates who has been chosen to drive to the pub/club/party and thus has to stay sober for the whole night.
Because of this he/she - as payment - has all drinks bought for him/her for that night
Jack: Who's driving to Sally's partay tonight?
Dave: Des is gonna be des
Jack: What Des is the des?
Dave: Yup
Jack: Fair enough...
by youngybuh March 26, 2008
Adjective, short for "desu" which is short for "kawaii desu ne" or "cute, isn't it?" synonym include cute, adorable, attractive, etc.
"Wow, that guy is super des! If only he liked chicks..."
by Maurice Khaldun January 19, 2010
Male whore who fuck as many women as possible all at the same time, they normally drive BMW and also Bangers, They are Bad News!!!!
OMG ive been des again!!!
by bubbles2 November 11, 2007
depressed emotional sucker

a very romantic person who is painfully sensitive and adores writing poetry.
her/his way of thinking can attract everybody easily.
man,you're such a des!
by theskyiscryingabouther April 26, 2008
Acronym. Discerning Ethical Slut. A person, usually female, engaging in consensual non-monogamy, but is characteristically selective with whom s/he has relations and thus will have fewer partners than the typical slut. Variation of "ethical slut," a term from the 1997 Dossie Easton narrative "The Ethical Slut."
Jane is a DES because she has been engaged in consensual non-monogamous simultaneous relationships with John, Rick and Steve, who all possess characteristics necessary for her to date someone: wealthy, attractive, intelligent.
by S.Beach November 20, 2007
meaning not real, or not what was expected upon purchase, something that does not work
man, i just paid twenty bucks for that weed, i didn't get high, that shit was des
by stainbrain July 13, 2009
An slang usage for the word desperate. People use this word when they are to damn lazy to actually say the whole word, a.k.a. Stefan.
That girl is so des
by Caitie P May 25, 2008

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