to thoroughly search for something
i lost my keys & i just dea'd my house looking for them
by tuffpuff October 25, 2008
The Drug Enforcement Agency. A law enforcement agency designed to shut down and confiscate any instance of drug abuse which is deemed illegal by the federal government.

There is much widespread hate against them, mostly people who smoke marijuana and believe that the government is being "unfair" to people doing illegal things.

There is much friction between the state of California and the DEA, as California says that marijuana is legal for "medicinal purposes"(despite the fact that the grand majority of people who smoke it are doing so for reasons other than medicine), yet the federal government has ruled that marijuana is illegal.

Also, things to note: DEA agents are not "pigs", "vermin", "fucknuggets", "demons", etc. They are people who are trying to do their job so that they can support themselves and their families.
It's unwise to smoke marijuana in public, as the DEA may see you.
by Privyet August 23, 2009
Hardcore cops that will bust any punk
The DEA will bust your ass Deezy
by ***DESTROY*** August 13, 2003

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