They will bust your ass if they find you packing some bud, man.

You might as well destroy the dope since they also got K9's sniffing for it.
Hey man, whats up with all these Nar cars outside?
by James Lowe October 16, 2004
The Drug Enforcment Agency they are the people who shut down the potheads and the non violent drug dealers yall know the guy who is trying to support his family and gives him felony charges and make him do 15 plus years because he is selling weed. The guys who are clueless to know that the drug war is winless.the people who ruin people lives including their familes. A contribution to the state of out national debt. The dea are bunch of people who never and will never get any pussy or dick. Nobody respect them. All they do is get the people who has money that go up to their ceiling the people who takes your house your kids your car over a pound of weed seized in your house. The people who killed pablo escrobar,and busted tommy chong like he is a dangerous man. The dea are nothing but people who needs to eat a dick. THE DEA AKA THE PIGS THE CLUELESS THE JEALOUS!!
Fuck the (DEA). DEA SUCKS ASS!
A group made to fight in "The War on Drugs" a.k.a. "The war against the American People." They make up lies about their "success", and ruin innocent, and non-violent drug user's lives.
The DEA busted an innocent man, who was later raped in jail, for possesion of a fuckin' dimebag.
by Robert Lane Saget October 13, 2008
pieces of shit people who try to bust drug dealers and people with drugs. the people who work for the DEA are poor excuses for human beings. They are just hating on dope boys cause they stacking paper tp the ceiling.
DEA: lets go bust that d boy cause he makes more money in a week than we do in a year.
by Dennmoney May 04, 2008
A federally financed agency comprised of former drug addicts, hypocrites, snitches, rats, spies, hackers, closeteers and etc..
The D.E.A. planted a GPS tracking device underneath my car. Ever since 9/11 and the initiation of the patriot act the feds can basically do whatever the fuck they want. Don't underestimate the power of your federal government. You are all being watched without even knowing it.
by D.E.A. defector August 30, 2010
Usually an amazing friend.

She's someone who, even if you don't see for a while, you love to be around. She always tries to help if you need it, and can impart great wisdom when needed.

Someone who gets stressed/depressed sometimes, and you worry about her a lot. You know that you have to always be there for her.

Someone who has great taste in music, and loves to make people CDs.
I was super worried about my friend, so I talked to Dea, and she helped calm me down and see reason.
by Worryer March 13, 2014
Drug Enforcement Agencey, a branch of law enforcement, (See also PIGS)
oh shit nigga, its the dea, grab the ak and the kilo, we goin out like kamakiazes
by Deezy January 28, 2003

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