Abbreviation for "Dope dick swag"; something someone possesses when having an unmeasurable amount of swag.
"If you aren't down with me, then you aren't down with my dope dick swag, and frankly, you'd be an idiot to not get down with this DDS." said Frank.

"I can smell your DDS from a mile away...damn you possess some swag." exclaimed Susie.
by swaggermaster13 October 23, 2012
DDS-(Dry Dick Syndrome)...a medical ailment that results frm not gettin ur dick wet...symptoms include depression, horniness, sexual frustration and havin a very dry dick...the only cure is usin ur best friend (ur hand) or gettin yo shit wet...this usually occurs during parties or other situations involving sexy ass females...
You: man i was so close to fuckin that girl last night!!!

Friend: frealz what happened??

You: man we was hella gettin into it but she had to bounce, i got a bad case of DDS...shits dryer than a Motha Fucka!!
by The tall ass hyphy man January 18, 2010
Double Dick Sucking. The act of sucking off two guys at once and holding them like ape hangar bicycle handle bars. It is known that men with the name of Stephen are inclined to be attracted to the act of double dick sucking.
Oh man... the dudes at the store gave me this keg for free in exchange for a little DDS!
by Tyler Hughes February 02, 2007
Dry dick syndrome, according to sources within the US Army, as often happens when forced to be away from a significant other for an extended period of time.
Sergeant: Looking forward to getting home, soldier?

Private: Yes, sir. I have a serious case of DDS that needs curing.
by bandnerd007 September 18, 2009
Stands for Deep Dick Syndrome, occurs when you get the D too deep and achieve a belly ache
Girlll you can you pick me up some pepto, Jamal gave me that DDS last night
by ladygislife June 21, 2014
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