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i.e. dumb bitch syndrome. Usually DBS sufferers have feelings of love for actual pieces of shit and/or assholes, believe that they can change the person into the 'perfect guy' (which makes absolutely no fucking since), or choose a bad guy over someone who would actually treat them right for once in their life.

FACT: DBS sufferers love to be treated like shit and physically/mentally abused even though they would say otherwise.
Guy: I love you. I want 'us' back.

Girl: But you lie to me and fuck with alot of girls, also you have herpes.

Guy: I will change.

Girl: I believe you, I love you too.

Me: Wow, she must suffer from DBS.
by DBS Co-Founder January 02, 2009
Dumb Bitch Syndrome, an epidemic that is currently plaguing America's female population.
That girl has DBS, she should die.
by Bbiillll March 14, 2007
Designated Baby Sitter-
1. When you feel compelled you have to be the one person sober when with your friends to keep your friends alive.

2.When your friend becomes shitfaced you have no choice but to take care of him if not he will not survive.

3.When you bring a crazy friend with you to an event you have to keep constant tabs on him or shit will go down.
4. Also a form of being DD but to the utmost extreme where you have to baby sit them.
1."Lets go drink?"
Reply : "Okay as long as i don't have to be DBS tonight."

2."God do i really have to be John's DBS tonight?"

3."nose go's not being DBS tonight"
by Galaxy and Vader September 24, 2011
short for a group of douche bags;great for pointing out these groups to friends without others understanding
I really hate those DB's
by Matt P March 19, 2003

1)veiny scrotum aka southern wind sock
2)Any extra skin can be used to turn in to mangina, rainjacket aka hoody
3)Can be used for a flotation device

Aaron was offroading in the 03 jeep...rolling on 35...and hit a bump and it launched him out of his seat. And when he landed because he was suffering from DBS he sat on his NUT SAC!!!
by king of dbs February 07, 2012
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