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DANANA is almost as scary as banana poo. This word is a compound word rooting from the two most demon-like words that make you shudder: Dada & Banana.

DANANA must ALWAYS be capitalized. This is the only way it can set off its fury and imperiousness. The mood it sets is the kind of feeling you get when you get goosebumps as you sit atop the pooing facility.

DANANA can mean a variety of things.

1) It can stand in place of any cuss word.
2) It can infer a great state of distress.
3) It can kill.

Stemming from this word also comes DArrhea (DA + diarrhea) which is a slightly lesser version of this word (partially capitalized) but still quite severe. It is the verb tense and can be used to mean extreme hatred. It was invented in order to vent emotions that were more intense than hatred.

Brought to you by WOW: Whatever Over Whenever
And P&P: Poo & Pee
1) "DANANA u!!"
"School is such a DANANA."
"Ur such a DANANAhole."

2) "DANANA! I just got a papercut!"
"OMG my report is due tomorrow. DANANA..."

3) "DANANA--!" The world dies. Oh Danana...


Poo: omg u know that DANANA d. roth? He's such a banana poo
Pee: Yea, i know. I DArrhea him sooo much.

We all DArrhea school and hw.
by Diana Yu October 01, 2007
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