a dumb ass cunt, a bitch who pisses you off, acts like she don't know whats goin on, or when she is supposed to leave
What is that d.a.c. beth doin here?
by Pompous Smurf July 21, 2006
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Short for Digital-To-Analog converter, usually a computer chip that converts digital data into analog signals. A DAC is used in computer devices such as Grapic and Audio Cards, Modems etc.
"Our customers can rely on our new DAC to perform very well"
by PrimeTime February 19, 2005
DAC = David Allan Coe, one of the finest outlaw country artists to ever grace the scene. Wrote timeless classics such as "Take this job and shove it", "You never even called me by my name", "Would you lay with me(in a field of stone)", "Mona Lisa lost her smile" and countless more. Also collaborated with the late great Dimebag Darrell Abbott on an album entitled "Rebel meets rebel" which every metal and country fan should own.
David Allan Coe is a fine lyricist.

David Allan Coe has written some of the best country music around.

David Allan Coe is NOT Johnny rebel!

DAC, a true american rebel.
by Brian March 14, 2006
Darwin Award Candidate
He just posted his credit card number on a public forum. He's truly a DAC.
by davexy April 21, 2009
an original aohacker who was recently behind a stream of celebrity myspace hacks and a well known website hacker and defacer. a well known member of digitalgangster.com, a fourm notorious for the hacks of paris hilton, miley cyrus, myspace, aol and twitter.
hacked by dac.
by tribbles March 24, 2011
"Damn Auto Correct "
When using virtual keyboard to enter a text, the auto-correct feature changes the word you mean to type into something completely different. But you don't see it before the message is sent.

You then text, "dac" to explain it was not what you meant to write before you get slapped for sending something obscene, rude, or just misleading.
That dac.. got me in trouble again
by Neoz June 14, 2011
Often used to describe a massive heavy oke from the South of johannnesburg, being Dac is more than just having bulging muscles and benchpressing 500kg, its a way of life. Dac okes hit gang juice, laced with copious amounts of vitamin S, resulting in Roid rage, often tryin to impress bints by dribbing absolutely everyone!
Shoef that Dac oke, neh he must be on roids!
I'm tired of getting dribbed ugly, I needa get Dac.
Aweh bra, u getting Dac for Vac?
Don't be a Chicken ;) that needle aint gona inject itself, u wana get Dac or what boet?
by Southie-Dac August 30, 2011

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