short for Dumbledore's Army, as made up by Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Cho: When's the next DA meeting?
Hermione:Check your enchanted Galleon you crybaby moron!
by bjmart June 29, 2005
'Da', in street language, is the principle definite article and equivalent to 'the' in more formal English.
The use of the the /d/ derives from two main aspects:

-to add emphasis on a phrase

-quicker and easier to ignore the 'th' sound, usually for non-native English speakers (such phenomena is prominent in the word 'ting' rather than 'thing.')

Other variations of this include:

-dis (this)

-dat (that)
Person 1: Who did dat?

Person 2: Da person over der.
by rexo48 August 08, 2011
1. The (slang)

2. Yes (bulgarian, russian)
1. - Ok, meet me in da club.

2. - Are you hungry?
- Da...
by *Icy Style* December 27, 2007
D A is initials for the word Dumbass you can also place more initials into the word to create combonations like DAB which would mean dumbassbitch or DAH for dumbasshoe or my favorite DASPF which means Dumbassslutypikleucker (warning only true professionals can pull of a successful DASPF)
Billy banged my mom he's such a D A.
by Chris Fernandez May 29, 2008
Dookie Attack

When somebody has to use the bathroom very badly and sudden, but can't make it just yet. Usually the person stands there and crosses their legs to clinch their butt together, until they feel it is safe. Then they run as fast as they can, while still clinching, to the nearest bathroom.
What is Amanda doing?
Oh, she's having a DA.
by BHH December 29, 2014
DickAss, as in a really rude person. Someone who needs to know there place.
Stop being a d.a, you douchelord.
by bnandez May 06, 2014
Deep America: Any location in the U.S. that meets the following criteria...

Ratio of College Degree/Arm Band Tatoos under 23%

Ratio of McLovin-stolen girl jeans/Misc Bottle Service credit card charges under 17%

Ratio of Garden Snakin/Restaurant Face-F**king under 32%

Ratio of Ribs Broken/Planes Missed above 82%
"I never thought I'd be on a Booaaaaat," replaced, "I never thought I'd be in D.Aaaaa., this D.A. is REAAAAAL..."
by BigTG July 28, 2009
DA: acronym for Dumb Ass. usually used in text messages to keep typing to a minimum.
DA: Also can be an Acronym for Dirty Ass(or Arse)
WTF(what the Fudge), that DA almost Hit me when i was crossing the street.
"DA(Dirty Arse), Keep it clean with New Orbitz™ Anal Gum, Fabulous"
by SDJ March 24, 2008

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