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d8 is equivelent to the word date.
used in internet chatrooms, or myspace mosty.

also a face when the d is capital.
the d resembles the mouth while 8 is the eyes.
kind of like =3. i'm not sure we know what it means.
you're cool. let's d8

ummmmm D8
by sammy____ September 14, 2006
A gesture with one's face that looks like the letter D with his/her mouth, and 8 for eyes. A very mysterious pose, not known to many.
Look at Dave! He's giving the D8 to someone he doesn't like!
by Backlash June 26, 2003
D represents the mouth, 8 represents the bugged-out eyes.

An emoticon used to express (mostly comedic or exaggerated) agony, distress, anger, or suffering.
Usually used in chats.
A- "Hey, wanna come for the party tomorrow?"

B-"Um. I'm so sorry ): I can't go."

by Joy D. Joy June 08, 2011
For one, it can be 'date' in chat speak.

Second of all, it can be a smilely with D as the mouth and 8 as the eyes. Not many people know what it means, but I believe it may be an extreme case of D:
Girl texting boy: 'hi, i lyk u! wana D8?!"
Boy: "Uh..."

Person 1: *Cough cough* I'm dying... x_x
Person 2: No!! D8 Don't die!!
by Star of Eikou October 17, 2010
Noun: A date you have with someone over the internet or over xbox live;

usually a designated time to get online to talk to this specific person
"I have a hot d8 tonight!"
"Oh yeah? Where at?"
"Me and HotChick69 are meeting in a private chat-room at 8:30."
"Nice! Maybe you'll get some n00dz!"
by hansonpaulsey November 08, 2009