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Acronym for any needed tense of "do too much." Too much can be done by a variety of means, including but not limited to drugs/alcohol, sex, or even something so simple as obnoxious singing.
Guy 1: That chick just drank a liter of rum and puked all over the carpet then railed a bunch of coke!
Guy 2: She D2M!
Guy 1: Indeed.
#do too much #drugs #sex #excess #over the top
by opencasket August 21, 2009
D2M acroynym for Dead to Me, meaning your pissed/annoyed with someone so they no longer exist in your world, you shut them out.
She backstabed me, she is so D2M
#dead #to #me #clique #d2m
by JK! September 11, 2006
d2m is a car club. Driven2modify. Located in Panama City Beach, FL
Have you been on the D2M forums lately?
#d2m #car #club #cobra #sweet
by OMGTI May 13, 2007
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