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David Bowie's Erection
Look at his tights in the movie Labyrinth! You can totally see D.B.E.
I bet Jennifer Connely wanted some of that!
by The Goblin Queen April 04, 2011
1 0
DBE is the most fucked up DBZ MUD online known as Dragonball Evolution.
Oh hell nah, is that nigga playing DBE?
by DarkOzma September 30, 2009
10 4
AKA Drive-By Ejaculation
A gentleman's game, although ladies can join in, but they need squirter guns. They may ask the men to fill their magazine if they ever run out.

Game Rules:
Headshot = Less points
Body Shot = Regular points
Knee shot = Bonus points

In the game, there can be a point when a team can drive a vehicle. There can be a driver and a shooter. For maximum precision, another team member can aim for the shooter.

Note: It takes minutes to reload so conserve your load!

Ask Jessica Nigri for authenticity.
Have you played DBE? Its so fun! You should cum play!
by MyNameIsDarren May 13, 2012
3 6
dick bowl eater, one who eats bowls of dick
yea he loves a bowl of cock, hes a huge dbe.
by 35h January 16, 2008
2 16