Drug Abuse Resistance Education
D.A.R.E. worked in the 80's but in the 90's all those little 4th and 5th graders who went to the program are now potheads.
I D.A.R.E. you to keep me off drugs.
by D.A.R.E. Graduate 89' April 29, 2003
|D. | Put a DARE mug on your
| A. | coffee table so your
| R. | freinds can chip in
| E.|
by Thurgood Jenkins October 29, 2003
A lame program where a cop comes in to a classroom to talk to 5th graders and tell them they shouldn't do drugs. The cop lies and exxagerates about everything and says if they ever smoke a cigarette their lungs will turn black and they will get cancer and die.
After a few weeks there is a "graduation" ceremony where kids stand on a stage wearing DARE shirts.
It is dumb.
6th grade girl: Hey, want to shoot some heroin?!
Other 6th grader: No, remember DARE last year?! We will get arrested for life and get AIDS and overdose and Die! Like any drug! Wait, wat is heroin?
6th grade girl: hahah that cop is such a liar, I smoked marijuana and nothing bad happened to me. and i heard heroin is funner!
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
a hypocritical class, usually introduced around 6th grade in which a police officer comes to your class and talks about drug use. "marijuana will KILL you!" "crack will KILL you!" at the end of the course you get a nice little (not little, mine was fuckin huge..its still down to my knees and i got it 2 years ago) T-shirt and theres usually a retarded graduation ceremony an who ever has the best essay gives a speech.

in my opnion, it doesnt work. i barely knew anything about drugs till that class and it only made me want to try drugs.
i went through dare, iv been smoking pot since

guy 1: how did you do on your dare essay?
guy 2: not well, i got a D..apparantly it didnt demot drug use..
by kelsey g January 09, 2008
an acronym for
Drugs Are Really Expensive
Drug Abuse Resistance Education
This is the "ghetto's" way to stop drug use.
by Isaac March 19, 2004
To challenge. Can be countered with a double-dare or the infamous triple-dog-dare.
I dare you to go two weeks without deodorant.
by Rodney Basil November 02, 2003
Acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, an inherently flawed program which attempts to deter drug abuse by introducing America's children to them at a ridiculously young age. Based on the same backwards philosophy as sex education: that exposure to a very confusing and obscure concept at a young age will somehow prevent future curiosity in the child/teenager.

Also an acronym for Drugs Are Really Expensive: a much more practical and realistic anti-drug philosophy.
DARE introduces children to drugs at a young age.

"Let's focus our discussion first on Mary-jah-uana, m'kay? Mary-jah-uana has a very distinct smell, m'kay? I'm gonna pass around just a little tiny bit and I want you all to take a smell so you know when someone is smoking Mary-jah-uana near you..."
by a new std August 12, 2006
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