a place in the middle of freakin no where
and where cow tippin is the national past time
and where ppl moo at u in high school
In hight school....

Alex: so where are u from ?
Johnny: D ware
by Pez November 30, 2003
Top Definition
abreviation for Delaware Township New Jersey. a place where animals outnumber the people. often made fun of by jelous prats from flemington.
chris: shut up your from fuckin dware
julie: you better watch your mouth or we'll come after you with our pitchforks and bucking broncos
by JUUUSHLIE November 20, 2003
Slang term that refers to Delaware New Jersey; a place where electricity is scarce and running water is merely a myth.
Tim: Theres a party in d-ware tonight.
Bob: Really?
Tim: No.
by Shawn Hunt January 23, 2003
1. Slang term for Delaware Township in New Jersey

2. Only area in New Jersey where the sport of "Cow-Tipping" is legal, and participated in regularly
When traveling through D-ware, be sure to stop by the general store to check out the local nightlife and social community. Bicyclists welcome! :)
by Christiane November 30, 2003
a place that nobody nos of except the ppl in it where house are at least 1/2 mile away from each other where the roads are one lane and people travel by feet, bike, or horse and cow-tipping is legal
Kim:we gunna go cow-tipping tonight?
Nicole:what happens when they wake up and chase us?
Me:call 9-1-1 the dware police will be there in about an hour
by Pablo Darby December 02, 2003
A Term that many people that aren’t D-Ware think they can define… but can’t! To really know what D-Ware means you must first live in Delaware, NJ. But, just don’t think because you live there, you understand! Knowing D-Ware means you must suffer countless insults and years and years of hazing, not just from outsides, but also from within D-Ware. Only then can you really understand……
D-Ware is a group of a select few
by Freddy Terranova December 27, 2005
no definition is worthy of the D-ware
also see D-warian
1. D-warian: noun; some one from D-ware
"hey were from rfms, where do we go d'ware losers?"
"bow down before us u mere mortals"
"yes masters"
-regular visitor conversations
by BILLY-RAY December 02, 2003
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