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A ninja of the highest caliber. The title is a contraction of the name Daniel-san, main character in the 1984 film "The Karate Kid." As of yet, only one ninja has ever attained this rank in recorded history, but his continued existence is unconfirmed on account of his amazing mastery of ninjutsu. Eyewitness accounts of his appearances all seem to indicate he possesses powers of illusion, cat-like agility, and extra-sensory perception. Legend tells that his wisdom is beyond the realm of human understanding. At least one report exists of a woman becoming pregnant after a brief encounter with a shadowy mist-man, and the child she bore bears a curious shuriken-shaped birthmark.

Despite this ninja's storied kindness and just heart, Japanese lore masters have advised any person encountering a tall, handsome ninja with a voice like honey to contact the United Nations. Interpol intelligence suggests D-san may hold the secret to world peace.
Hey, stay away from those shadowy trees. They say D-san haunts these woods.
by pizza_lover March 25, 2009

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