A complete synonym for the word "transfer" in all of its incarnations (verb, noun, etc). Any place you would use the word "transfer", you may use the term "drep" as a drop-in replacement.

This comes from a complete brain fart in Tony Hawk Underground 2, where the "G'Day Mate Transfers" became the "Gay Day Dreps."
Sure John, let me drep over that file.

"Thank you for calling Home Depot, how may I direct your call? Appliances? Drepping, one moment ..."

by Joe Drago October 25, 2004
Top Definition
Down reputation, used when someone says something that lowers their social status.
Darren: Are you stupid? Wow your cool... -_-
Max: Man stfu your d-rep.
J.A.: Agreed.
by JA.MC September 07, 2009
Where as 'Creps' means nice / new sparkly white trainers, Dreps mean the opposite. Dirty, old trainers, the ones you cannot bring yourself to throw away, and still attempt to wear on a daily basis
"Nah man, stop dissing me dreps"

Nah, they're proper dreps man"
by AvaniW July 22, 2011

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