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Another way to say "down" or to agree with something.
Me: "Are you coming to dinner tonight?"
Jared: "I'm D-land!"

Me: "Oh man, that guy was so D-land for me."
Mattea: "I'm D-land all day for his dick."
by Mayo6999999 October 05, 2011
1. Colloquial term for Disneyland. Used commonly by those who live in southern California.

2. D can refer to a common term for male genetalia (dick) and can be used immaturely by college students who want to take advantage of the naïveté of their more innocent friends.
Random people: Let's all go to Dland together!

Evil person: I heard Dland is better from the back entrance!
by yaypsuedonyms March 22, 2011
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