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n. Development girl, someone with a subordinate position in a production or company (not a player).
You might think you're all that but you ain't nothin' but a script reading D-girl.

(There is an episode of the Sopranos entitled D-Girl.)
by Sean McGuckian June 12, 2004
a derogatory term for cute young development execs with no power.
(as seen in the sopranos)D-Girl
by Blacktive Rouge August 10, 2008
a derogatory term for cute young development execs with no power.
He not only threw a party with caged white tigers but dissed Kevin Reilly, president of Fox Entertainment, and Steve McPherson, prez of ABC Entertainment, calling them "D-girls,"
by mike desmond December 04, 2007
Some girl that is cute and DTF or a guy that is one of your good friends.
Look at that D girl over there.
Wut up d girl.
by Sirsir April 20, 2009
A girl that is ugly as fuck but guys olny want her for her ass or boobs
(D-rated Girl)
-"Dude why are five guys on that fugly ass girl?"
-"She a D-girl brotha! I'm gonna be up in dat ass later tonight"
-"Oh, can i join?"
-"yeah, you bring the lotion I'll bring the plastic bag to cover her face!"
by MikeDeee September 20, 2011
Abbreviation of dickgirl.
Person 1: Dude, that girl over there is hot.
Person 2: Um, I checked her pants last night. D-girl.
by nordstern September 02, 2009
A Dope Girl.... Whose down for her Dope Boy, which izz a Drug Dealer
Brooke Valentine has a song titled D-Girl
by TT V. July 11, 2006