HUGE BOOBS that make any guy want to fudge you!!!!
Athina's boobs are definetely D-cups
by person345 May 03, 2006
Top Definition
bra for the boob size that typically won't fit in your mouth
Whoa, that's a large C-cup coming towards us, no, its a D.
by Junior January 05, 2004
D-cup is the term for very large breasts. The kind all the guys want a their girl to have and the kind that makes other girls jealous. They are very large and round and produce nice cleavage.
Natasha had such huge boobs, all the guys wondered if she was a D-cup.

Stacy has jealous of her friend who had D-cup breasts because she always filled out her clothes nicely.
by D-girl April 05, 2005
The size of a bra cup a girl should wear if the measurement of her bust is 4 inches more then the measurement of just below her bust. It's a matter of taste if this is too big, not big enough, totally gross or the most fun you've ever had.
Shouldn't cause back pain but sure creates a nice cleavage!
Calculate your cup size. Subtract the band size measurement from the bust measurement and determine your cup size as follows: (The cup size calculation may be less accurate for larger cup sizes.)

less than 1 inch = AA-cup
1 inch = A-cup
2 inches = B-cup
3 inches = C-cup
4 inches = D-cup
5 inches = DD-cup
6 inches = E-cup (US DDD)
7 inches = F-cup (US DDDD)
8 inches = FF-cup
9 inches = G-cup

by Akemi Lucy Jelly Sex August 15, 2008
a very large bra size.. the some woman have
"wooow how big is your bra size"

"uhmmmmmm i think d cups"

by huckie August 13, 2006
the cup size for a girl who when measured around the bust has breasts that are 4 inches greater than her band size.
They are not always big, and a skinny girl can have them without them being fake.

Often misinterpreted to mean big. The size of the cup doesn't necessarily mean how big they are. The band with the cup does.

Not always preferred size, not always a cause of back pain, not always on fat girls, not always fake on skinny girls.

I'm a 32D. That's actually average sized. I'm skinny too, and it's natural.


30D = 32C = 34B = 36A * SMALLish*
32D = 34C = 36B = 38A *AVERAGE*
34D = 36C = 38B = 40A *AVERAGE*
36D = 38C = 40B = 42A *BIG*
38D = 40C = 42B = 44A *BIG*
40D = 42C = 44B = 46A *REALLY BIG*


guy1: "Hey look at that girl there with the nice tits, what do you think her cup size is?"
guy2: "They look like a C..."
Girl: "One, you two are pigs. Two, I have a D-Cup"
guy1: "No way, D's are bigger and only on fat girls or fake girls."

girl: "You're ignorant. The size of boobs reflects both the cup size and the band size. I'm a 32D, meaning my breasts stick out 4 inches from my chest, it doesn't mean their big or anything. Just how far they stick out! A girl with a 34C will have the same cup volume I do. You wouldn't know the difference!"
guys 1 & 2:"...either way nice tits."
*Girl slaps boys.*
by SkinnyNatural32Dthanks May 22, 2011
The size of breasts that are bordering on unattractively large. Above average and usually not as good looking or easy to grope as smaller breast sizes.
-"Hey man, look at those boobs, that must be a D cup!"
-"sure, they're nice, all boobs are, but I wouldn't want to get up in there."
-"Good point"
by Jukedalon2 January 06, 2011

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