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A daily award which is given out as many times as necessary, to a person exerting extreme retardation. It is usually awarded from a couple of people, known as "D-Bag Judges". These people are not D-bags, but their word is concrete and respected throughout the community.

There are multiple rules a D-Bag Judge must follow, known as the D-Bag Commandments. One such, is that if a D-bag Judge breaks a commandment, then they will be a d-bag.

Sorry, but life's a bitch.
John C: Hey fellas! After the Cosby Show marathon, I bought the new K-Fed CD, right after I played Kirby's Sexual Adventure on the PSP, before I defecated on a copy of Big Mutha Truckers.
D-bag Judge #1 (in a deep voice): DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD-BBBBBAAAAAGGGGG!
D-bag Judge #2: I think he got it. What do you think?
D-bag Judge #3: Yep. Dude, you just got the D-bag Award.
by fgbm27 February 22, 2007
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