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Derek A. Hill (D-Rock The Illest) began playing bass guitar at age 13 in October 2007. His uncle, David M. Naidicz (R.I.P. 1963-2008), showed him how to play bass for the very first time. His uncle is the person who inspired Derek to keep on with the music career. Naidicz unfortunately died on March 9, 2008. Derek stuck with bass for a few months before switching over to guitar in April 2008. He loves and continues to play guitar every day, as well as bass once in a while.

The nickname "D-Rock The Illest" was acquired in Derek's freshman year of high school. He played a talent show for his school in May 2009. The next day, two sophomores came up to him and called him "D-Rock The Illest" because of how he played at the talent show. Derek thought the nickname was catchy, so it has stuck with him since then.

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Hey look, it's that guitarist, D-Rock The Illest!
by bigd1594 July 22, 2011
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