A balla who doesn't PASS THE FRICKIN BALL
Marcy is such a D-Mar
by sps February 23, 2003
Top Definition
Marinated chicken dinner at Bill Knapp's Restaurant.
Damn! We sold a lot of D-Mars tonight!
by Peanut October 19, 2004
the epitome of desperate. constantly scheming how to get laid but fails miserablely. Tried to get a blow job from a dog but put the peanut butter on the dogs schlong instead. makes women uncomfortable as dmar is very likely to commit rape in an attempt to get another human to touch his junk. Statistically predicted to be jailed for sexual harrasment where dmar will lose his virginity to a 255 6'2'' african-american named tryone.
Girl: I told him to leave me alone but he keeps staring at me. somehow he found out my number and keeps texting me to hangout.
Dmar: yeah, imma hit that.
by dr.phagzor October 18, 2010
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