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D-Game: Pertaining to drug dealing, being part of the drug-traffic world.
"You chose the D-Game and I chose the rhyme..."-Andre Nikatina"

"Sell D" Kanye West
by Prune October 16, 2007
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(verb): The steps one takes towards recovery the day after an intense night of partying - usually heavily associated with relaxation.

Examples include: Staying in bed (or wrapped in blankets), carb-loading, binge watching TV/video games, reading books, drinking tea,
"I'd love to go out tonight, but I'm on my d-game"
by FrasiersDad November 02, 2014
When you were supposed to go out on a weekend and didn't, leaving you to play your video games depressed. the particular game you play is referred to as the d game.
Hey, why weren't you at the party last night?
I was grounded, so I just played a d game.
by thegreatwizardlive December 03, 2007

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