a large DAoC dungeon who da alb zergin bitches always have, (darkness falls)
by SpAnKy ThE cLoWn September 07, 2003
stands for douche fuck... means the same as douche bag
Your friend does something you dont like you say something like," kyle your a real DF".
by Mitch EZ June 26, 2005
a dick fuck who lives ith his mum
man jerry is such a dick fuck wait no he is a df
by iona kilo December 15, 2005
Dumb fuck, when someone does something stupid then can be dubbed DF of the day/week
"Tim your are the DF of the day"
by matthew,stefan,seb,joey March 15, 2015
df means da fuck
Da Fuck You Mean Bitch df
by Speaker Knockerz February 16, 2015
- Da Fuck
Used express surprise or confusion.
1: Hey baby! I love you!!!! Ugh you dickhead!!!
2: df (?!?!?!)
by Dictionary Of The Urban January 19, 2015

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