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(verb) 1. Somone who DGAF's so much they do not even use the full term. 2. It is the most extreme form of indifference one can express about a certain person, place, event, or situation.
Guy1:"Bro did you know that our womens gymnastics is taking on China for the gold medal tonight?!"

Guy2"Bro did you know I D-F about gymnastics?"
by CBBolts August 13, 2008
meaning : da fuck

df means almost the same thing as "wtf" but,it's more flexible and,you can use it in more than one way.See example.
Example #1

Cisco:"D00d,that fucking car almost ran me over !"

Mike:"Yeah man,df kind of driving was that ?!"

Example # 2

Cisco:"Your mom was blowin' me real good last night ! XD"

Mike:"df dude !"
by Mikeisftw July 10, 2008
1)Noun: Dumb-Fuck

2)Verd: Da fuck (the fuck) a lazy typists way of saying 'what the fuck?'
1)Shut up you df!
2)(Someone says something completely idiotic)
Response: DF?!?
by Carlie February 09, 2005
Abbreviation for the Federal District in Mexico, namely Mexcio City, the capital.
Q'onda con los chilangos del DF?
by castigo September 27, 2004
Dumb fuck.
Car almost crashes into another car

Man: Watch where you are going you DF!
by 12R16 December 26, 2013
Discount furniture store. Where you want to go to get a sofa that will be full of sawdust.
What a d.f.s house!
ewww totally d.fs!
by Tanya November 21, 2003
Stands for Dumbass Frankenstein. Used to notate something or someone that is unusually stupid.
Person 1: Dude, that guy is DF.
Person 2: Oh my?!
Person 1: Oh my, you're DF.
by Fresh Dinosaur January 04, 2008