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a guy with a whang to trump all others if ever forced into a situation where cockfight is inevitable. not only is it large but rumor that due to an experiment gone wrong it ended up being turned into diamond giving it the ability to cut glass, crush concrete, etc. A D-Criss is also said to come from god and is the illegitimate brother to jesus christ and chuck norris, he also birthed the energy drink monster from his bladder.

NOTE! if ever approached by a D-Criss you should immediately don your birthday suit and prepare to party like its 1969
GOD: to you jesus i give the great honor of saving the human race, and to you chuck norris i give the ability and looks to be the biggest poser ever, and finally to you D-Criss i endow with the largest penis the world will ever see
by D-Criss June 27, 2011

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