A shortened, more concise form of douchebaggery. More prone to use in the heat of a verbal reaming.
Quit your fucking d-baggery this instant!!!
by Obnubilater March 13, 2008
Top Definition
The act of one being a Douche Bag. It is looked upon as a crime that all people who comit it should be drove over with studed tires and pulled behind a truck down a gravel road, shoved down a hole containing a very pissed off badger, and the sound of there pain recorded and spread on the internet so the crime will be reduced...Lets face it we cant eliminate it there are still people out there with just the life that defines a D-Bag
Nathan You comit D-Baggery on a day to day basis.

That guy just comited the act of D-Baggary
by Chandler Bachtold November 26, 2008

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