its the most dangerous of the offspring from Darien, CT. the can be spotted with LV purses, uggs, Eliza B flipflops, gucci sunglasses, or with multi-colored polo shirts, a car that cost more than 4 college tuitions, and eat fancy club sandwiches and the local country clubs. if they are seen without any of those items, they aren't a D-bager. these people, the word "people" being used vaguely, are extremely fake and unlovable, unless it is by another D-bager. it should be used in a negative fashion especially when talking about artificiality and the act of being useless
Man, if i ever become a D-Bager, i hope that i am beating all day long.
by wampuscrandle April 14, 2005
Rich tools that girls date for their money. comes packaged with a huge house and a popped collar. if yours isnt giving you good presents remind him that hes probably gay and key his porsche
Idiot d-bager gave me more diamonds! Ill have to thank his dads paycheck later on
by CptnCrunch February 27, 2005
grossly preppy kids from Darien who are rivals to Wilton in lacrosse but suck because Wilton won both girls AND boys lacrosse state champs...they live off their parents. Other towns like Wilton may be rich, but they don't suck like Darien does
"Let's go take money from mommy and daddy and go spend it on shit....oh well its not like i'll ever need to work!"
by fcismyhome April 25, 2005
Someone who lives in gay Darien where every single blonde bimbo girl has STDS. All the guys think that they are the "fucking man!" and all the girls will blow you for coke...pretty sweet town
New Canaan kicks Darien's ass in everything..even cheering which is pretty pathetic

by Darien can suck my left nut July 30, 2005
short for :douche-bag.
usually spelled with two d's.
anyone from Darien, CT thats jealous of New Canaan's abilities to beat them in everything.
Like to brag about all their material possesions, unlike New Canaanites who are very modest.
" How'd the d-baggers do in lacrosse this weekend?"
"They lost to New Canaan, again."
by nclove April 01, 2005
new canaan owns darien in sports... nc dominates soccer, hockey, lax, football every year consistently, what is wrong with you
Um, new canaan owns d-bagers
by blah April 04, 2005
A D-bager is commonly laughed at and thought of as lower than anyone from New Canaan. You will probaly find a Darien faget at one of New Canaan's parties pissing someone off in the beruit room.
"yo Cornish, whats with the animosity man"?-Griffin, a faget from Darien
"I'll Break your face in"-Cornish replying to Griffins gay ass remark.
by David Reed April 03, 2005

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