a city in michigan
Bill:"Hey Jafar, how bout them detroit pistons?"

Jafar:"Dude its not detroit its d town. get it right bitch. but yah they're fuckin sweet."
by Jenna a.k.a J-Dawg November 19, 2005
fuck yall... d town (DETROIT MICHIGAN) where the real hustlas at.
8 mile in detroit fo sho baby
by jesse November 09, 2004
D-town. The blissful state of Divorce. When one has managed to get the monkey off of his back, he has entered D-Town.

Also, accompanied by a piece of paper for certification, i.e. Divorce Decree.
"Man, am I glad I went to D-Town." "That bitch was HELL!"
by T&E August 16, 2005
Ghetto ass Decatur, IL home of the soybeans and the drugs.
They be pushing drugs in that ghetto ass D-Town.
by Deez March 10, 2005
Dallas,OR Where the hicks drink and the mexicans stink!
D-Town the place were bessnut stays ill.
by Click January 15, 2005
Darien, Connecticut. A residents of D-Town is known as a d-bager.
Do you live in Darien?
Yeah, D-Town is awesome!
by A. Smith September 03, 2005
im tired of hillbillies from texas and colorado think this is sposed to be dallas or denver, u fools, D-town is Detroit, i haven't heard any rappers represent the d in any other way, call me when they do, Detroit what, and im fo shizzo ma nizzo
Welcome to D-town Home of the tigers and stolen cars
by David Cejmer March 29, 2004
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