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1. To be on D means to be on deck with something, like some bud or bars or any other drug
2. Here in my part of L.A., D can also stand for dope, which either means heroin or crystal meth...but here in meth capital of the county, Glendora, it usually is associated with ice.
1.Yo man, you on D with some B's (bars)?
2.Yo man, you on D with some D? (here meaning tweak)

P.S. Anyone who refers to marijuana as dope is either a complete moron, or grew up in the 50's and 60's.
by B-Loc October 09, 2010
76 74

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"a way of referring to your dick without the extra letters"
yo, that asian bitch was grinding my d hardcore last night and i had a huge boner.

S my D you faggot
by herby May 03, 2006
1703 837
The fourth letter in the alphabet.
A B C D hey I just reached D.
by xcvsfdf April 30, 2006
1111 624
A letter of the alphabet commonly found before E and after C.
The letter of the day is D.
by wolfmother1995 March 18, 2008
578 415
a slightly more subtle way of saying "dick"
yo man this girl totally wants my d

just lookin for a place to get my d wet bro
by b__ August 10, 2009
387 232
dubs: 20 inch rims

see "dubs" for more info
just bought a cadillac
throw some d's on that bitch
by billy bob motown May 14, 2007
430 397
Also known as "in the D". Slang for Detroit, Michigan home of hockeytown and corrupt mayors.
You hangin' out in the D tonight?
by sardonnica April 28, 2009
217 187
D (ˈdiː/; named dee)1 is the fourth letter in the basic modern Latin alphabet also used to refer to names of people in which begin with the letter "D"
Yo, me and D were totally schezbeckeled last night.
by M05H3 January 05, 2011
51 41