The reverse of :D. Often used in forms of communication to show signs of shock or distress. It is one of the worst smilies ever created.
<jack> damn my mp3 player is broken
<Princess> D:
<jack> ...
<Princess> D:
<jack> crap my gba is dead too!!
<Princess> D: D:
<jack> shut the hell up with your gay ass smilies!
#distress #smilie #shock #cdrom #drive
by 10NES March 04, 2006
Apperently symbols a "fish" according to a girl using the name Tess.

As things go in admin chat on the server..
<DarkSoul> D:
<Tess> Fish!

#d: #fish #symbol #smilie #emoticon
by DarkSoul November 24, 2006
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