a role-playing game played by lonely white kids. D&D provides a useful social function by preventing these kids from killing themselves. It also helps to give such kids a false personality to make-up for their glaring deficits.
While playing D&D, Ted yelled in a nasally voice: "My wizard shall destroy your ogre in a manner of two hit-points... Pass me the ten-sided die Fred"

Jeb says: I will spend all of my D&D points towards my charisma category. That way I can believe that I am wOOtw00t in the face of all contradictory evidence.

In an awkward moment of reality, Terry says, "Hey Ted, Jeb, and Fred, I'm so glad we play D&D six times a week. If it wasn't for you guys, I would hang myself"
by fifteen minutes September 08, 2004

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