I say again, an excellent role-playing game. Slightly modified, it is also an excellent training program for negotiators, generals, hostage rescue units, rescue units, crisis units, the police, and the army, not to mention any other job that requires patience, intelligence, and a bit of luck.
Every fucking game in existence is based on D&D! Where else could they have possibly gotten the idea of character statistics, Duke Nukem jokes, real-life situations, army games, diablo, and rpg games(including mmorpg's)?
by Detranova July 29, 2003
The table top Role Playing Game which people who sit up in their rooms all day playing madden and need for speed say is only for losers, yet D&D players are the ones interacting with other people.
dipshit: Only losers play D&D
me: *too busy getting hot D&D girl poon to listen*
by ThroatSlit March 13, 2006
best Table Top Pencil Paper RPG ever. yea...thats right...yup believe all those stereotyps out there...not....D&D goddamn kicks ASS...the one that started it all
PC1:I cast a Spell
DM:why are you casting a spell? theres nothing to attack..
PC1:I'm..I'm attacking the Darkness!
by 3rd Level Cleric July 28, 2004
A great hobby filled with retarded stereotypes.
Jock: "Hey Dawg They be playin D&D Lets go be ass holes and steal their dice"
Player:(Pulls out MP5)Ratatatata!
by Fusion September 24, 2003
An ill ass concept, made better by imaginative players. Anyone who dumps on D&D geeks is making fun of TSR, a subsidary of Wizards of the Coast. Why not ask WotC how many people purchase D&D items? I bet its more than all you SUV-suckers combined.
Mad people play D&D. It is the basis for hundreds of video games. If you don't like it don't play. Us player-characters don't pick on you for playing whatever wack-ass games you play.
by Level 1 Bard March 04, 2003
A game with lots of weird-shaped die, and f*ckloads of rules
"Ehh... I can't even read. But f*ck it, let's play!"

-RAB http://www.newgrounds.com/collections/rab
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