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Drum and Bass music.
MC Skibadee, Shy FX, Pendulum etc are all D&B musical artists
by Bryn Webb November 19, 2005
Dick and Balls <3
Wow man his D & B was hanging out at the festival.
by paxpunk June 09, 2014
drink and blaze
drinking and blazing
"hey drew! are you down to d&b?????

-hell yeah dawggg im down to d&b!"
by drewpoo February 10, 2010
Dun & Bradstreet. Known for their private business credit reports that lenders use to identify fronts and illegitimate businesses.
Yo, pull up a D&B on that pizza place that never has any customers before we lend them dough.
by RichBoySellItQuick July 10, 2008
Acronym for dick and booty.
Alex: You just met Trey and you're already letting him move in. Damn Max, is the D&B that good.
by Jermaine3 December 13, 2007
An eliptic way to refer to drugs & booze.
When you get to town, call Lynda, she´ll get you the ole D&B.
by manseba September 07, 2006
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