Top Definition
Means Dick in Pussy. Can be expressed as a percentage or ratio.
J. Holmes (cumshot legend) D in P = 100%.
Marriott D in P = 0%.

Hey Marriott. How's it feel to have a dick inside a pussy? Oh you've never had that! Holy shit! Holy Fuck Marriott - you've never had your dick inside a pussy. Well fuck you ya dumb cunt. Go work for your fucking low tier company.
by Drew Christx April 08, 2007
when you put crown royal in your dr. pepper.
ill have a dinp on the rocks please.
the "d" is the doctor the "p" is the pepper and the "in" is because it is in the dr. pepper.
by drink master j lazio May 04, 2011
a retard
'David, your such a dinp!!'
by Paul Linky November 29, 2011
Means drunk in public.
I got arrested for D in P last night.
by Captain Dungheap June 12, 2006
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