Is a name pronounced as Seer-ra. Meaning? Radiant. Cyra is mostly a girls name, but is often mispronounced as Sy-Rea.
"Wow, that girl's name is pretty. Cyra."
by LostDazedandConfused January 12, 2009
Top Definition
Cyra is the most beautiful and fun-loving girl you will ever meet. She's super sexy and talented at something most people can't do. Every girl wants to be her and all the guys want to date her, most of the time she's taken.
Guy 1: "Hey look, it's Cyra, I'd tap that!"
Guy 2: "You'd tap that, I'd bang it against the wall!"
by Magicbaybi August 06, 2012
Cyra is a girls name pronounced as Kieraa.

It means: the chosen one
Cyra is the chosen one
by grisslin February 22, 2010

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