The Most BADASS people in marching band. Always Better and cooler than everyone else
SHS Cymbal Line is soo BADASS!
by kjsfkjasf September 22, 2007
cymbal players in a drumline.
wow, that cymbal line has pretty rad visuals!
by lovalwys September 01, 2007
A group of people who either a) don't play a marching instrument such as oboe or bassoon or b) suck ass at the instrument they do play. The cymbal line is usually made up of the rejects and losers who can't play a real instrument and march at the same time.
Student 1: I'm so happy because I got a spot on the clarinet hornline!! How did you do?

Student 2: Well, my audition didn't go so well so the directors offered to give me a spot on the cymbal line!

Student 1: .....
by pizzazzz March 06, 2010

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