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1n) People who hold all the money in Washington, D.C. and burn it in front of you because you aren't Airian enough to get a job. The Word comes from the one-eyed freemason dragonbeast that is the W AntiChrist on a bill.
2n) money
3n) Police/freemasons who say code phrases to each other like, "How Old is yo momma?" just to ask which FOP lodge the other unda cuva bitch is rawlin at.
1n) "I saw your Narc ass rollin' with them Cyclopz Boyz."
2n) "Give up them cyclopz boyz BIATCH!"
3n) "Them Cyclopz Boyz soundz like two schizophrenics in a blender."
by Robert J. Blevins July 29, 2006