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A person so involved in the world of cyberlust and self gratifacation, that they completely shut themselves off from others, and even become green with cyberjealousy to the point of changing rooms often, or in severe cases hiding in locked web sites.
Hey Joe..want to go to the bar tonight?

Can't Jack..better stick around the house.
by Bruce August 08, 2003
A cyber-whipped man is one who is overly solicitous to a "woman" who may or may not exist. These men will even modify their own behavior for a "person" that they know only through emails. The men will do many things for the cyber-whipper, anything from stroking an ego to sending cash.
John is just the lastest in a long line of cyber-whipped guys that she leaves in her wake. She'll use him for a while and then dump him like she usually does.
by Meg Kelso September 17, 2007
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