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1. A computer gamer that competes in the official tournaments of the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL).

2. The term is sometimes used to define a person that competes in computer game tournaments for cash prizes.

3. A registered trademark of the parent company of the CPL.
- fatality is the league's top cyberathlete
by angel October 06, 2003
Athlete in professional sports who uses illegal metabolism-boosting drugs or - in Cyberpunk slang - cyber(netic) implants to enhance his sports performance (strength, speed etc).
Cyberathletes have an unfair advantage over athletes who rely solely on their natural bodies and training.
by Memehunter August 19, 2003
n. One who takes part in competetive computer or console gaming.
Fatal1ty is the highest paid cyberathete in the world!
by Aaron August 22, 2003
Someone with such exceptional skills at computer games that they are considered a professional, competes in tournaments for great sums of money, and may represent his/her country in some sort of Multiplayer Olympics. Athlete is used in its broadest possible term here, as they are not known for their physical strength or ability. May possibly be referred to in the near future as "CyberAthl33t".
"That guy is a athlete? Are you sure, he looks like a nerd, only somehow even geekier!?"

"Yes, I am an athlete. I play games, which somehow counts as a sport and physical recreation, even thought the most exercise I get is opening soft drinks and periodically scratching my ass."

Nerd: My hero!
Normal Person: Since when is Counter Strike a sport?
Professional Athlete: Cyber what?
by Digital Messiah August 22, 2003
A person whose excercise comes from typing in internet chat rooms.
Dude, look at the muscles on your fingers, you must be a cyberathelete
by W.E.B Dubois August 21, 2003
Person with ability to masturbate for hours at a time while typing with one hand.
"The debate team are the school's best cyberathletes"
by Dave-O August 19, 2003
A special kind of athlete that does no excercise other than exessive strengthening of the wrists. Commonly practices alone in the bedroom, before going on line to see how he shapes up to people all over the world.
son: "mommy I want to be a cyberathlete when I grow up!"

mom: "OK you stay here and clean that carpet while I run off and get the vicar."
by Mmm... lemony August 18, 2003
A person who competes in computer games for prize money. Yes, some people actually make a living off of this, tournaments of Counterstrike and Brood War are broadcast on television in some areas, complete with commentators.
Stereotypical adult: "So, what kind of a job are you looking to get?"
Stereotypical gamer: "Well, I'm hoping to become a cyberathlete."
by Deuce on Guard August 17, 2003
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