A couch potato who is heavily into virtual sports, i.e. computer golfing or computer football.
He can't run 10 meters without collapsing but he brags about how he won the 99 World Cup - on his screen. He's such a cyberathlete.
by Memehunter August 19, 2003
Top Definition
1. A computer gamer that competes in the official tournaments of the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL).

2. The term is sometimes used to define a person that competes in computer game tournaments for cash prizes.

3. A registered trademark of the parent company of the CPL.
- fatality is the league's top cyberathlete
by angel October 06, 2003
1. One who spends much time on internet games

2. an oxymoron
The nerd tries to justify his social shortcomings by declaring himself a cyber athlete, making him more 1337
by El Zoido August 30, 2004
One who plays games on a computer as a sport.
by Cactuar December 21, 2002
a computer freak who has spent 8 hours a day or more getting good at a computer game. They can then compete for money in competitions held around the world.
All of the cyberathletes brought their own computers to the event.
by jay_121985 August 17, 2003
a person who plays a competative electronic game as a sport.
Cyberathletes like Thresh, and Zero4 go around the world to compete in huge Quake tournaments.
by Zentech August 21, 2003
Video game moron. Better known as the guy Not getting laid.
I couldn't beat off last night because my thumbs hurt so much from the X Box. That fuckin cyberathlete should be playing the XXX box or munching Box.
by Grady August 20, 2003
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