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A person who is a whore with every social networking site available.
Alisha posts everything on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram and can't leave her phone for more than five minutes because she's a suffering cyber whore.
by AllKnowingAlien January 18, 2012
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Someone who engages in imaginary sex using a computer screen and text with another person in a different location via the Internet.
I was chatting to this bitch on yahoo messenger lol she was a right cyberwhore
by shankill_nosurrender November 16, 2006
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a person who likes to be on the computer alot usually looks at porn and cybers in chat rooms
dam ur a fuckin cyber whore how many dudes are you cybering with?
by LaDy LeXy October 23, 2005
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whores that fuck up anything electronical, particularily computers in internet realated situations. Can only be destroyed by kicking them in the cunts and saying the magical work WAZZOO!
by Matt January 04, 2004
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A person who leaves their wireless internet network unsecured allowing other users to use the internet for free
Mark, my neighbor is a cyber whore that allows me to access his network at any time I choose free of charge!
by LuckySl7vin November 10, 2010
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One who gives out all her passwords to social media accounts willingly.
That cyber whore gave me her instagram login when I asked for it
by M34TW4LL3T January 07, 2016
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