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any female that depicts themselves to be a hoe on any form of social media or intranet/internet. #GGOD
That girl on instagram a cyber-thot.
by brockc101 August 18, 2014
The use of a female's breasts, butt, or any attractive body part in a picture or a video for likes and follows on social media. They do not get paid.

(AKA Cyber Hoe)
Bob: Bro, Look at this picture of this girl! She's got her cleavage hanging out of her shirt!

Joe: Dude, get over it she's a Cyber Thot.
by Infinityy May 09, 2014
One that edits their sexy selfies with pictures of aliens and palm trees
"That chick puts aliens and palm trees in her sexy selfies"
"Yeah she's totally a cyber thot"
by Chillguy-6969420 March 31, 2015
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