Anyone online that mainly curses others out for their intrests, looks, human rights, or basically anything that doesn’t harm the public online. They usually do this since they know they’ll get their asses pummeled in real life if they tried to pull the same shit off. They overpopulate the online communication world and so more and more people join the bandwagon to gain popularity online due to desperite need for attention. Could mean anyone who is rude or obnoxiouse to anyone online without being provoked; with fairly poor insults that only other cyber-bullies seem to actually think is funny or makes any sense.
the bathroom wall on facebook is the place for cyber bullying.
somebody:get a life. your laugh is too loud and obnoxious and a voice change... please
victim: thanks... your such a cyber bully talk to me in the hallway tomorrow. face the facts. your such a Cyber Douche
somebody else: why would s/he do that. its anonymous for a reason... so we dont get pummeled at school tomorrow. like we are going to fess up!
victims friend: guys you must have no life. this is so mean. you know s/he has a best friend!
somebody: she has stolen my locker! i have a right to be mad at her!
by alilamb March 30, 2009
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a douche that sits behind a keyboard in his parents basement and fucks with people cause his acne is too bad to do it in public
- This dude kept saying that he wanted to eat my asshole on Facebook. He is such a cyberdouche.
by ChatroomBot May 28, 2011

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