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A baby doll that is black. "CURSE OF THE BLACK BABY" is written on the stomach with warning on it's back saying, "If you don't pass on the baby within 5 days will eat your soul!!!

Black baby has been spotted in the Northwest region of Washington, but Black Baby has been known to appear without warning in lands far away, even the Netherlands and Hawaiian Islands.
Jill Sc... said "One day I was getting into my VW Bug and in the back seat was a black babydoll just sitting there with a seatbelt on. There was a warning that if I didn't pass Black Baby on it would eat my soul"!! This was really scary since my Grandma Jean had told me a story about the cursed baby when I was little" " I survived the Curse of the Black Baby" Pass it on if you know what's good for you!!!! This is some freaky sh@*#t!!!
by High Priestess Geniva November 28, 2011

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