The best girl in the entire fucking world
by Mr. Kamikaze/Mr. DNA June 02, 2004
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Someone with peculiarly curly hair who is generally know for their hair in their school/community.
That kids hair is DAMN curly...let's call him "curly fry."
by Nathan 1324 February 18, 2009
The act of placing pubic hair in the vagina of a partner, ejaculating on them and then consuming them.
Jeff: 'Oh man there are pubes all up in your box!'

Sally: 'Well just turn them into curly fries and munch them down!'
by phatdik January 13, 2009
this is a working mans pubes. greasy,sweatty,and and curly.
omg his curly fries are hanging out his shorts.
by jonnie5 January 29, 2010
Someone who is attracted to the same sex.
Guy: That dude is so hot.
Girl: Are you gay?
Guy: No I'm straight, straight as a curly fry.
by Laura May 17, 2004
CUrly fry, someone who has rather discusting pubic hairs on his or hers head that looks like krusy the clown.
" Look at Anton Gjonaj, He's Such A Curly Fry, He Should Go Back To His Dumpster In Mobil "
by Demek frankie nuculaj June 02, 2005
To paint feces on someones upper lip in the fashoin of a french painters mustache. Much like the sanchez or the hitler.
GUY1:When joe was sleeping he got a curly fry.
GUY2:Thats gross.
Joe: you know what...
Joe: I fucking hate you.
by noravitz March 04, 2004

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