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When one places his hand over his asshole as he farts into his hand then he proceeds to put the cup in his friends or his own face
by Brandon Bryant February 03, 2006
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Evil practise of cupping fart smell direct from anus with cupped hand,then releasing pungent smell over victims nasal region,can cause sickness and vomiting
"Smell my cup fart" "Anybody has two sniffs of that is a greedy bastard"
by rudikeegan October 28, 2006
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A particularly nasty habit.This involves placing a cupped hand over the anal region while farting, then releasing the pungent stench over the victims nose.Can cause dizziness and nausea ,especially if victim is asleep and continues to nasally inhale.Amazingly not illegal at time of typing.
" Which bastard just cupfarted me? I was having a lovely dream about titwanking now i feel like retching , man someone is gonna get a right knacker cracker
by rudi November 03, 2006
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